Mangroves Key West Florida
Mangroves Key West Florida


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Mangrove trees with their dense root system play a vital role in protecting coastlines. They are also incredibly intriguing subjects to photograph. Standing in the water, they seem out of place, yet perfectly content with their situation. Therein lies a lot of beauty.

Acrylic, Metal and Canvas prints come ready to hang. If you plan to order a fine art paper print of this artwork and would like it framed, take a look at these framing options and contact me before ordering. For international orders and shipping to HI, AK and APO, please also contact me first for a shipping estimate.

Acrylic and Metal prints larger than 30 inches on the short or 40 inches on the long side will be shipped in a wooden crate for extra stability and protection.

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I offer four different materials to print my artworks on: acrylic, metal, canvas and paper. Click here to read more information about each of their individual qualities.