Flatirons Boulder Colorado Milky Way
Flatirons Boulder Colorado Milky Way


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"We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men," John Muir famously said. This is the notoriously fluid Milky Way, rising behind the proudly stoic Flatirons, creating a striking contrast of the evanescent moment in an enduring place. The town at the foot of this iconic range became my first home in the United States. So, on its surface, this piece showcases our planet's passage on its way through the universe, yes. But it is also a reflection of my very own, personal transition: Geographically, as the place where I created a new existence after leaving my old life in my native Germany behind — and personally, as here I grew from from boy to man, from enthusiast to expressive artist, always looking up rather than down, from the foot of this range, dreaming big, step by step.

Acrylic, Metal and Canvas prints come ready to hang. If you plan to order a fine art paper print of this artwork and would like it framed, take a look at these framing options and contact me before ordering. For international orders and shipping to HI, AK and APO, please also contact me first for a shipping estimate.

Acrylic and Metal prints larger than 30 inches on the short or 40 inches on the long side will be shipped in a wooden crate for extra stability and protection.

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